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CoreScreening in partnership with GAMA offers a substantial discount for background screening services for all locations nationwide. To complete the process, make sure you have the following information: 1. Signed consent of the employee to conduct the background check. If they are with you, they can electronically sign within the process. 2. Applicant Information (Full Name, DOB, SSN) 3. Business Information (Credit Card, Email, Phone)

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Please complete all applicant information below. Important Note: The email address you enter will be used to send the final copy of the background check. The phone number entered will be used if CoreScreening or GAMA have any questions for the store manager related to the applicants background check.
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The background check requires consent from the applicant. 1. Applicants - You will be able to electronically sign your background consent within this order process and DO NOT need to upload consent below. 2. Managers - Please ensure you have received a signed consent form from the applicant. You may choose to upload it here for safe keeping. Note - You will still need to go through the esign disclosure process. Instead of the applicant's name put "N/A" with SSN: "9999".
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